Chatty Ghost

Debunked Paranormal Video

During an investigation we did in Johnstown, Colorado, we thought we had captured some paranormal sounds.

We start our investigations by placing our static vision cameras in locations around the property.  Everyone, including pets, leave the house for 10 – 15 minutes.  We’re able to observe the cameras, from outside of the property, on a laptop.  When I was reviewing video, the next day, I heard this clicking/tapping sound.  I thought we had captured something.  To cover all bases, I used the same camera (we have 8) and set it to record my living room.  I played around with it and was able to debunk the sound.  The clicking/tapping is actually the sound the camera makes if someone tries to pan it (in this case, pan up) further than it will go.

Keep in mind, unexplained doesn’t equal paranormal.